Our History

Old American County Mutual (OACM) was formed in 1946 and is domiciled in Texas. OACM specializes in nonstandard private passenger automobile insurance. Through competent, trustworthy managing general agent partners, OACM develops insurance products that provide affordable protection for Texas customers. OACM has a tradition of serving the higher risk auto insurance needs of the public at affordable rates, with reasonable payment terms. OACM is owned by its policyholders and managed by Old American Capital Corporation through its subsidiary, Old American Services LLC. OACM maintains $5 million in policyholder surplus and cedes 100% of its premium to well-capitalized and secure reinsurers who are experienced in the nonstandard auto insurance market. An important participant in the Texas market, OACM is currently one of the largest private passenger auto insurer in the state. OACM's market experience and value-added service have proven to be a precious resource to MGAs and reinsurers who have come to rely on the company's expertise to enhance their own success in the Texas nonstandard auto marketplace.

Business in states other than Texas is produced through OACM's sister company, Old American Indemnity Company.